Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Pilates

Our classes

All our regular classes are held in the Happy room, a large room with sea views.

The essence of our classes is sustained by the team of teachers, who share their classes with dedication and professionalism.

Hatha Yoga

We teach traditional Hatha Yoga classes, where we not only take care of the body, but also the mind, necessary to acquire that peace and tranquility that we long for so much.

Kundalini Yoga

It is the Yoga of the energy that is found at the base of our spinal column, located in our first chakra, an energy that identifies with the latent creativity of the individual, that through its movement, with dynamic exercises, take you to the state of presence, activating each energy center, raising our consciousness.
A Yoga that works the physical part with stretching and alignment of the body to begin to prepare the internal energetic work in us, together with breathing and meditation techniques to take us to a calm state in our mind.


It is a method in constant scientific revision and evolution. We focus on training movement patterns based on breathing and efficient muscle work.
In each class, you will receive precise instructions to execute your movements in a respectful way with your body.
In just a few classes you will notice more confidence in your daily movements, an increase in muscle tone and greater stability.

Mobility Pilates

Intended for older adults and people recovering from injuries. We move serenely focused on keeping the joints active, promoting good balance and agility for everyday life.
In each class we respect the individual possibilities without forcing the realization of the movements that we propose.

Stretch Yoga

At StretchYoga we work with the body to quiet the mind, using the breath as a tool to unload the weight of our emotional backpack, freeing ourselves from emotional burdens acquired in our day to day..

Working with StretchYoga opens a door to our physical, mental, emotional and energetic evolution and transformation.

You decide your changes and the resolution of your internal conflicts.

For this we must allow ourselves to finish releasing from the depths of our being our fears, our learned limitations, the need to fit in, to satisfy others, etc.

It is time to listen to our soul, to follow its call, to fulfill our purpose of being what we really are and came to be….

It is time to show ourselves that we can achieve everything we set out to do.



Instructor : Paula Marconi.


Instructor : Noelia Abad.


Instructor: Bárbara.


Instructor : Javier

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